Experience the Ultimate in Self-Sufficiency and Personal Freedom

In the heart of Arizona’s breathtaking landscape, Coslor Cove presents a unique opportunity for those who seek a life of independence and autonomy. Our Arizona off-grid living community allows the self-reliant type to create a prosperous garden-farm homestead. Coslor Cove is the perfect setting for those who desire a life less ordinary, blending the tranquility of nature with the freedom of self-reliance.

A Community of Self-Reliant Individuals

Coslor Cove is more than an off-grid community; it’s a place where independence thrives. Prosperous innovators can become a co-owner of all 1,298 acres and build out their own self-sustaining homestead, complete with their own food supply and energy solutions, ensuring a lifestyle of freedom and security.

Exclusive Benefits for a Productive Off-Grid Life

  • Select Homestead Lots: Secure your ideal 2+ acre plot in our exclusive, first-come, first-served lot selection.
  • Community Resources for Independence: Gain access to shared tools, equipment rentals, and a community greenhouse to kickstart your self-sufficient journey.
  • A Network of Self-Reliant Neighbors: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for independence and productivity.
  • High-Speed Internet Connection: Keep in touch with the world while enjoying your independent lifestyle, thanks to Starlink satellite Internet.

Crafting Your Self-Sufficient Homestead at Coslor Cove

Each homestead at Coslor Cove will be a testament to the power of self-reliance. As a resident, you’ll embark on creating a homestead that includes a passive solar home, a personal greenhouse, and a garden/orchard, all designed to maximize your productivity and independence. You’ll also want to sell your surplus produce through the Arizona OSR Land Co-op’s marketing channels.

Tour Coslor Cove: Redefine Independent Living in Arizona

Coslor Cove isn’t just an off-grid community; it’s a commitment to a lifestyle of self-sufficiency and productivity. We invite you to explore this unique opportunity to carve out your own path in Arizona. Register for a tour of our Arizona off-grid community location. Revisit CoslorCove.com to learn more about joining our community of independent thinkers.